Alert Home Inspections also offers the following optional inspections and tests for additional fees. We will be glad to schedule these optional inspections and tests for our clients to be conducted at the same time as the home inspection, usually with reduced fees to the clients. The inspections and tests are performed by either Alert Home Inspections or local affiliated state licensed operators. The end result is our clients get all the inspections needed at one time. All of these tests are available on an individual basis as well.

For any Specialty Inspection, TREC requires us to provide our clients with a Fee Disclosure Form. If you would like Alert Home Inspections to schedule any of the specialty inspections or tests please print the Fee Disclosure Form, sign it and fax it back to (817) 341-2245.

  • Alert Home Inspections - Pest InspectionPest Inspection: A specialized inspection for wood-destroying insects, such as carpenter ants, powder-post beetles, or termites. 


  • Alert Home Inspections - Security System InspectionSecurity System: Inspection identifying the type, location and operability of each installed component. 


  • Alert Home Inspections - Mold TestingMold Testing: Includes field observations, laboratory test results, and remediation advice including both mold cleanup and building repairs. A summary report provides a "guide to action" for each property we inspect. Mailing kit, postage, and lab fees included. 


  • Alert Home Inspections - Water Well TestingWater Well Testing: Data collected on well system, flow rates and pressures are monitored to verify the ability of the well to meet the needs of the dwelling. 


  • Alert Home Inspections - Septic System InspectionSeptic System Inspection: Inspection to determine the condition of the system and the relative position of the soil absorption system to ground water. The septic tank, baffles, operating levels, and the distribution box are inspected.