Tips for Selling Your Home

18 items you can do sell your home FASTER

  1. Keep It Cool! On warm days, make sure your air conditioner is turned down enough to make the house pleasantly cool, so it is obvious that your home has air conditioning. The prospective buyer may be uncomfortably warm and walking into your nice cool house may be just the thing to tip the scales in your favor.
  2. Atmosphere Counts! Aroma of cookies or bread being baked adds to a pleasant does a nice fire glowing in your fireplace on a chilly day.
  3. First Impressions Are Lasting Impressions! An inviting exterior insures inspection of the interior. Keep your lawn trimmed and edged - the flower bed cultivated - the yard free and clear of refuse.
  4. Sparkling Clean! A bright, tidy home greatly enhances its appeal to buyers. Does your carpeting need to be cleaned or replaced? Clean walls, windows and bathrooms will brighten things up. Keep the bedrooms tidy. The attic, basement and garage need to be as neat and clean as possible. If you remove all unnecessary articles, the full value of your storage and utility space will be displayed. Do not leave a plumbers plunger next to the commode. And it is the first impression that counts!
  5. Decorate Your Home - A Step Towards a Sale! Does any part of your house need painting? Use neutral color paint colors on walls and ceilings. Repair and paint all walls and ceilings that are damaged. Faded walls and worn woodwork reduce buyer interest. It is sometimes difficult for a prospective buyer to perceive how a place can be made to look - show the redecorating first. A quicker sale at a higher price may result.
  6. Fix That Faucet! Dripping water discolors the enamel and calls attention to faulty plumbing. Needed little repairs detract from a home’s value and the few hours you spend as a handyman can pay you large benefits.
  7. A Day With The Carpenter! Loose door knobs, sticking drawers, and warped cabinet doors are noticed by prospects! Have them fixed. Are your door and window screens in good shape? What about the windows? Do they work well or do they need attention? Are the gutters and downspouts free of debris?
  8. Closet Illusions! Clothes properly hung, shoes, hats and other articles neatly placed will make your closets appear adequate. Remove some clothing, if necessary, to make them look roomier.
  9. Dear To Your Heart Is The Kitchen! Colorful curtains in harmony with the floor and countertops add appeal. Clear countertops help give a feeling of spaciousness. Your appliances should be in good working order as well!
  10. Can You See The Light? Illumination is a welcome sign. Turn on all the lights from the front door to the back...from top to bottom...and the prospect will feel a glowing warmth otherwise hard to attain. And keep your draperies open during the day!
  11. Soft Background Music! Very soft...make a home feel comfortable to a buyer. But turn off the television - it’s too distracting. Let the buyer and agent talk free of disturbances.
  12. Three's A Crowd! Avoid having too many people present during showings. The prospect will feel like an intruder and will hurry through the house. Remind the children to stay in the background and out of the way. We want the prospects’ attention focused on your home, in an unhurried way.
  13. Love Me, Love My Dog! Does not apply in home selling! Keep pets out of the way, under control, and preferably out of the house. And a little air freshener is sometimes advisable, particularly if the house has been closed up for some time. Also, please empty litter boxes.
  14. Be It Ever So Humble! Never apologize for the appearance of your home. After all, it has been lived in.
  15. A Word To The Wise! Do not discuss price, terms, possession or other factors with the buyers. Refer them to the Realtor. They are better able to bring the negotiation to a favorable conclusion as intermediary third parties.
  16. Putting The Cart Before The Horse! Trying to dispose of furniture to the prospect before they have purchased the house often loses a sale. Proper timing is important and these matters are best dealt with after an offer has been negotiated.
  17. In The Shadows! We have found that showings are more effective if the salesperson and prospect tour your property unaccompanied. The salesperson knows the buyer’s requirements and can better emphasize those features. Please don’t follow the agent around.
  18. And Last But Not Least! We recommend that you have the property inspected before you have it showed. This may make the property much more desirable and much less likely to have big problems when the buyer has his own home inspection. NO SURPRISES!
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